With more than 20,000 home appliances on display at the CES, several products have caught the attention of the visitors. Some of the products that have made the heads turn include the VR headset, large TV, car technologies, and the ultra-thin TVs.

While most of you will agree that household appliances are not very sexy, and people look at them as products that fulfill our basic needs. Refrigerators, washing machine, microwave, and other residential appliances are not glamorous, but we expect them to do more than what they already do. To fill this demand of the customers, many manufacturers are rushing in with new and improved products.

In a recent study, it was found that more than 15 percent of American households intend to buy a smart house appliance this year. And this year at the CES there are a wide variety of kitchen and other home appliances. Some of the appliances are philanthropic, some are futuristic, while others are kitschy.
Here is a list of the machines that made the most heads turn.

Smart Fridge from Samsung

Samsung is bringing the advantage of the internet to your kitchen. This new smart refrigerator comes with a camera that takes snaps of your food every time the door is closed. When you receive the images of the food kept in the fridge, you can take steps to reduce their spoilage. The smart fridge will also include an advanced temperature and humidity sensor that can be accessed using the products hub network. The refrigerator comes with a 21.5 tablet that allows you to order parts that are damaged. If you are expecting a few more exciting features, you have all the right to do so with this smart fridge. The refrigerator comes with a speaker system that gives you the latest news alert on the screen. Also, it will offer seasonal recipe suggestion to homeowners planning to make new dishes for their loved ones.

Robotic Cooker from Gourmia

Most of us are looking for products that can make our life easier in the kitchen. If you have the Gourmia robotic cooker, it will solve most of your kitchen problems. This 10-in-1 appliance can take care of stirring and mixing of everything from scrambled eggs to stir fry to risotto, giving you enough time to focus on other important aspects of your meal. The appliance is also equipped with an advanced cooking system that allows you to choose from 10 different styles ranging from sauce making to baking.

HOM-BOT Turbo+ from LG

Even though robotic vacuums are pretty useful, they don’t have a mind of their own. They follow a simple pattern to clean your home. This vacuum cleaner is special, as it specifies the areas that need special attention. To use this unique feature, just tap the particular area in your phone and the machine will focus its attention on that area. The turbo vacuum cleaner includes a camera that allows you to monitor your house remotely.

R2D2 Refrigerator from Haier

It may not be the most efficient refrigerator, but it certainly a refrigerator with the most entertainment value. This model of refrigerator is the perfect replica of the famous droid from Star Wars with the same sound and light effects. It can hold up a six-pack of beverage and will bring your favorite drinks to you. If you thought that the features of the refrigerator end here, you are in for a surprise. The fridge comes with a projector that allows you to watch movies when you enjoy your drinks.

Smart Top Load Dryer and Washer

This machine may not be futuristic, but it does have more heart than your typical washer-dryer combo. The care program of the device allows you to give charity while you clean your clothes. Every time you use the machine to clean your clothes, a small amount will be sent to the Habitat for Humanity. We are sure that such appliances will help in spreading philanthropy.

LDT8786St Dishwasher from LG

Have you ever wanted a dishwasher that can accommodate all your bowls and pans? LG has understood this unfilled need and created a dishwasher with three configurable tires that offer more flexibility than conventional machines. It also includes a camera sensor that tracks areas that are already clean which reduce the risk of water spots and saves water. The device also saves time, as it can complete the entire load in under an hour.

Even though these appliances make our life easier, they are likely to get damaged due to regular use. If you are looking for a good appliance repair or service technician, you can get help from your friends or co-workers. If you have a range that isn’t working, you should get help from a range repairman or range repair technician, who is qualified to fix the machine. If you use the services of an oven service technician or stove technician that is not qualified to perform the job, they are likely to damage the appliance.